Conference Topics


  • Strategic management models and methods
  • Globalization and ecommerce and challenges faced in strategic management
  • Corporate governance: The relationship between organization managers and their problems
  • Ethical considerations and social responsibilities
  • Different industrial analysis methods and models
  • Risk assessment methods
  • Identifying the potential markets in developing countries
  • Strategic considerations in managing relationships between shareholders
  • Competitive intelligence evaluation methods
  • Corporate culture management for international competitive advantages
  • Corporate strategy formulation methods
  • SWOT analysis and business strategy
  • Different competitive business strategies
  • Different cooperative strategies
  • Portfolio analysis methods and technics
  • Advanced organizational structures
  • Situational analysis in strategic planning
  • Leadership and strategic management
  • Corporate scenarios for creating strategic alternatives
  • Corporate culture management in the process of implementing effective strategies and regulations
  • The relationship between goal-based management and strategic management
  • The relationship between total quality management (TQM) and strategic management
  • Performance assessment in strategic management
  • Different controlling methods in strategic management
  • Setting suitable policies for strategic controlling
  • Technology and innovation management strategic considerations
  • Innovative development of the entrepreneurship culture approaches
  • Strategic considerations for managing small businesses and entrepreneurship
  • Non-profit organizations strategies
  • Entrepreneur’s role as a strategist
  • Strategic management for the public sector
  • Strategic management for public funds
  • The relationship between strategy and general budgeting
  • Strategic coalitions
  • Network strategies

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